About Us

Having been in the fencing and landscaping game for over 13 years, DS Fencing was officially established in 2019 in Queenstown.

Having ran the fencing and retaining side of multiple businesses in the area since 2015, Dan is the most experienced fencer around, and has the knowledge and experience to back it up.

As winner of multiple Boundaryline Fence of the Month competitions, DS Fencing are the Boundaryline recommended installer for the Queenstown Lakes area.

We have worked hard to build an excellent reputation.  People praise us for our approachability, friendliness, reliability, and of course, the great work that we do - just look at the reviews!


"I want to keep things local and personal, that means dealing directly with me - the owner - from start to finish.
When we start a job, we do our best to get it done in one go - no coming and going"

Dan, Owner, DS Fencing

All of our quotations are based on a site visit and inspection.  We are more than happy to meet you on site to discuss options and ideas to come up with an appropriate, cost effective solution for your outdoor areas.