Add privacy, definition and value to your property with our extensive range of fences.  For aesthetics, safety and area/division compliance, you can rely on us.

Don't see what you want?  We even design and build custom fences!

With many different variations such as height, capping and gaps, Pine Paling is the go-to fence for privacy.

The classic Kiwi fence.  Available in Pine and Macrocarpa in 1, 2 or 3 rail, with options to add wiring to keep your pets inside.

Not only is ColourPanel exactly the same on each side, the metal framing means this fence will last.  Colours available to match your house roof and cladding.

The name says it all!  A super smart fence to stand the test of time.

Interlocking timber and metal framing means no gaps and no twisting.

Want some privacy without completely closing off your outdoor areas?  Trellis and screens do just that.

The most open feeling fence.  Perfect for defining boundaries without compromising your views.

Ideal for decks, pools and playing fields

We also build custom fences and can even help you with design.

You dream it, we build it!